36 Inch Range

When it comes to choosing a stove or range for your kitchen, there are many things to consider. Keep in mind that there are literally thousands of choices with regards to size, design and features. A 36 inch range is the most popular choice for professional chefs and many of these ranges have now been customized for use in home kitchens. If you are an avid cooker or baker, a range of this size can be a dream come true. It is important to note however, that 36 inch ranges tend to be a bit more expensive than their smaller counterparts. Many now offer electronic controls, insulated ovens and even built in timers. When choosing the range for your kitchen, you will need to consider which features you want as well as whether you want to use gas or electric.

Gas cooking offers many advantages that you simply do not get with electric ranges. However, not everyone is comfortable using gas in their home. If your home is equipped for a gas range, you will find that there are multiple options available. You will also need to determine which type of range will be best for you and your kitchen. You will find that ranges typically come in three different configurations. These are freestanding, slide on and drop in. Freestanding ranges are the traditional types and simply stand alone. They have panels on both sides and come in a wide variety of styles and colors. You can put a freestanding range anywhere in your kitchen because they are designed to stand alone or look complete even when they are not surrounded by cabinetry. If you are going to place your range between two cabinets or other structures, a slide on range is a better choice. You can place this type of range between two cabinets or at the end of a row of cabinets. Manufacturers typically offer a finished side panel for one side if you need it. A drop in range is currently only offered in electrical use and is designed to be supported by cabinets on each side. This type of range has no drawer under the oven but instead has a panel that matches the kitchen cabinets to look like it was built in. This was a very popular style during the late 1960s and early 1970s and is still available today from a variety of manufacturers.

There are many features available for your 36 inch range, particularly on electric models. Many ranges today offer warming zones and/or warming drawers that are typically found in the lower area of the range under the oven. These warmers are installed in place of the traditional drawer. While some warming zones are perfect for keeping baked and cooked items warm after they are done cooking, some can even be used for baking. Warming zones are typically designed to simply keep your food warm and can be very convenient for those who tend to cook a lot of food at once. They add very little to the overall cost of the range. You may also find that many ranges now include more than just the traditional four burners. This is particularly true of ranges that are 36 inches and more.

Of course, if you are going to purchase a new range, having a self-cleaning oven is an excellent feature. Another thing to look for is easy cleaning of the range surface. Sealed burners will be much easier to clean than traditional burners because they do not have drip pans that must come out for cleaning. For cleaning sealed burners, you simply lift up the burner cap and the grate and wipe the entire surface. Be certain that you check to see if your electric range has a coil or flat element. While coiled elements are generally less expensive, they are much more difficult to clean than ceramic flat elements. If cleaning time is a concern, you can opt to spend just a bit more and choose the flat elements which are much easier and faster to clean.

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