32 Inch Televisions

If you are on the lookout for a nice new television, but are running short of money, space or both, just relax. You do not need to get the biggest TV on the market for a great visual experience, nor do you need to get something so tiny that you will have to sit three feet away from it to see the screen properly. In fact, most living rooms are incapable of housing a television set with a screen larger than 32 inches.

Yes, it may sound strange, but televisions – yes, even LCD ones – take up a lot of room. Maybe you are thinking that an LCD screen cannot take up much room on the floor, but just think of the sheer amount of wall space a large wall-mounted television can take up.

For this reason, for almost any average living room, a 32-inch television is perfect. You can enjoy high-definition (HD) video flawlessly on such a television set, although for best results, you should buy one that comes with a HDMI-in port which would allow you to connect it to computers, Blu-Ray disc players and certain other HD-compatible media players.

You can buy such a television even for prices below US$ 500, but for more expensive models, be prepared to shell out as much as US$ 3,000. Now, if you happen to be waist-deep in hard cash, you can get one of those, but for the average user, staying somewhere comfortably within a thousand-dollar budget can net the television with the best bang-for-buck ration.

Firstly, be advised – the television you will be buying will almost certainly not be a plasma television by any means. At best, it may be delivered with LED backlighting, which can produce a brighter picture. It will, however, have a fully HD-compatible screen, have a host of input ports (including HDMI, of course) and excellent screen rephrase rates, usually in the 100 Hz range. You can use these TVs for gaming as well as TV-watching or movie-watching in razor-sharp clarity and brilliance.

Let’s take a closer look at some models of 32-inch televisions currently available on the market. They are quite similarly priced, and are fully compliant with HD standards.

LG’s 32LF7700 is an entry-level 32-inch television, with a moderate screen refresh rate and a few unexpected tricks up its sleeve, such as a built-in Freesat HD satellite TV tuner. Even with its diverse array of useful features, this set is very much affordably priced, retailing at prices around US$ 600.

The Sharp LC-32LE600 is perhaps the best 32-inch television you can get, with stunning image quality and smooth 100 Hz refresh rates. It is also one of the only televisions of its price range to feature LCD backlighting technology, something which can really spice up the contrast and overall brightness of the picture.

Panasonic’s TX32X15B is another 32-inch television with a state-of-the-art screen refresh rate of 100 Hz, and a special feature to compensate for frame-skipping, even in high-definition mode. The image quality of this modestly priced television is excellent, with only a minimal amount of noise.

The Samsung LE32B650 is a monster of a Television, with a total of four HDMI-in ports, two USB ports as well as a standard Ethernet socket for accessing media files on a network. It can also link to Samsung’s special internet portal, known as ‘Media 2.0′, in order to access Yahoo! Widgets, Flickr, YouTube and various news aggregator services. And if the extra bells and whistles are not enough to convince you, the image quality will dazzle you with its vivid colors and excellent contrast levels.

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