30″ Vent Hood

Every home should have a vent hood over the range cooker. Vent hoods are designed to remove odors and unhealthy contaminants like grease and stale air that are released by cooking. A 30” vent hood is a common size hood that is used in a kitchen. They do come in various other sizes though. You can get a 30” vent hood that either has the venting in the back of the vent hood or one that has the venting connected to the top of the vent hood. A 30” vent hood will be more efficient at removing grease and contaminates from the air when you are cooking than a non vented 30” vent hood. The shorter amount of ductwork needed for your 30” inch that could to ventilate the air outside the more efficient it will be.

Any vented hood will need filters that you have to keep clean for it to work effectively. If the vent hood has a disposable filter it can be easily replaced. The frequency of replacing the filters for your 30” vent hood filter will depend on the manufacturer’s suggestions. However, the more you cook the more often you will need to change your vent hood filter. If you have a washable filter you will need to wash it more often if you do a lot of frying too. There are all kinds of 30” vent hoods that are made by various manufacturers for sale on the market today. They come in all different kinds of colors and finishes and designs. The price range can vary as well depending on what brand you buy.

The GE JV930SCBR 30” Slide-Out 30” Vent Hood is a unique sleekly designed vented hood that fits under a cabinet. The vent is connected to ductwork over the range. It has a transparent glass visor that slides out when you are using it as well as a cooktop light. When you’re finished cooking it simply slides back in it becomes almost invisible. You can find it for sale online or in kitchen stores and catalogues everywhere. This slide-out 30” vent hood will lend any kitchen a new modern look.

If your range is on an island you can also have a 30” vent hood that is specifically designed for islands. Check out the Cavaliere 198B2 30” vent hood. This is a popular island mount range hood that is used over the range. There are also various other manufacturers who make a 30” vent hood to go over an island range.

If you are in the market for a new under the cabinet 30” vent hood you will have no difficulty finding them. There are all kinds 30” under the cabinet vent hood to choose from. If you become confused as to which one will be best for your kitchen you should talk to a professional sales person about your needs before buying.

Your new 30” vent hood should be installed by a qualified professional as well to ensure installation and electrical connections are done correctly. The store where you purchase your vent hood may also provide the professional installation for you at an additional cost. You will need to decide if your new 30” vent hood is going to be vented through an outside wall or up through your roof. The amount of work required for installation can vary and will depend on the difficulty of installation. Installing the ventilation duct can be the most difficult part to installing a 30” vent hood over a range. If you are just replacing an existing 30” vent hood with a new one you may be able to do the work yourself to cut down your expenses.

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