2.5mm Stereo Headphone

Finding the best headphones can be very difficult, as there are so many choices that you can choose from. Sometimes, the headphones are called the “best” available, however that doesn’t make them the right ones for your ears, or for your personal appeal.

Which headphone is the best for me? This all narrows down to your personal choice. Before buying any product, I always test it to see what it’s like, and how it functions. If no testing is available, then I research about the item personally. First, go to your local shopping center and ask for stereo headphones. A great brand that I’ve found is the iPod headphones, which work like a charm.

Ask them if you sample a test pair on a live music CD or MP3. In most cases, they will allow to you to do so. This way you can plug it into a stereo or an iPod or any other MP3/MP4 player and you can see what they really do sound like. One important thing to remember is to see how it feels in your ear, especially if you will be listening to the music or various pod casts a lot. You can also find some pretty cool funky looking stereo headphones now days also.

Instead of going to your local shopping center, use the biggest shopping center in the world, without moving. The Internet is always my favorite way to find reviews and see what brands of 2.5mm stereo headphones other people like. Sites like this one have great reviews, as does Nextag. Most people online will give honest reviews, but try to take most reviews with a grain of salt. There’s no experience like testing them in person and each person has their own preference and tastes.

In general, most 2.5mm stereo headphones are either around the ear with foam pads or the earbud type. This is the size that is required by most MP3 players, such as iPods and Sandisk Sansas. Personally, I’m a fan of earbuds, but if you wear them for long periods of time, then they can make your ears sore.

They are called earbuds because they are small and rest inside of your ear. They are more commonly found for iPods as well as MP3 players, and many other portable devices. Earbuds are generally better because they are higher quality, have better sound (being inside the ear, as opposed to on the outside, really helps), and are discrete.

The average 2.5mm stereo headphone will last you 2-3 years, depending on how well you look after it and how much sound you constantly pump through it. Remember they are only small speakers and they connect directly into your ears, so you don’t want to be pumping music 24/7 as this will not only ruin the head phones, but will in time ruin your hearing. At a minimum, wearing them 24/7 can lead to sore ears, so if you’re planning on using them all day, you might consider something to go around your ears, like noise canceling headphones.

If you have found a great stereo or MP3 player already, then you will only need to make sure that the headphones you choose are the best for your stereo. Most components work well with each other, but some however can be a bit of a pain. If you get the wrong head phones don’t worry, you can always take them back to the shop you’ve purchased them from providing you have a receipt. In closing, I’d add that since 2.5mm headphones are relatively inexpensive, you have the opportunity to test several brands without killing your wallet, so don’t be afraid to try several.

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