17 Inch Monitor

If you are planning to purchase a new replacement monitor, or a new computer system altogether, you will find that there are many monitor options available today. Most people today prefer a 17 inch monitor to other sizes for a variety of reasons. First, a 17 inch monitor offers much more viewing space than a 15 inch version, and costs only slightly more. This larger size makes it much easier for your eyes and allows you to view more information on various websites. You get approximately one and one-half to two inches more viewing space with a 17 inch monitor than what you get with a 15 inch size and you pay only a few dollars more for this larger size.

You will find that there are a wide variety of brand names available that offer 17 inch monitors. The main thing to keep in mind when comparing different brand names is which one offers the best warranty. You should try to find and purchase a monitor that offers a warranty that will cover the device for at least two to three years. You should also be aware of just what the warranty covers. Many will offer limited coverage that may not take care of the monitor in certain situations. Be sure that you fully understand what is covered in the warranty before you purchase.

You will need to take a look at the dot pitch and see just how much of the screen is actually viewable. Different models may offer different viewing sizes. Some 17 inch monitors will give you up to 16.5 inches of viewable space while others may only have 15.5 inches of viewable space. Be certain that you pay attention to the specifics so that you choose the monitor that offers the highest viewable space. You may also want to pay attention to the refresh rates of various monitors. Many people sit in front of their computers for hours each day. This can cause headaches and the refresh rate of your monitor may have a significant bearing on the number of headaches that you endure. Generally speaking, the lower the refresh rate, the more headaches you may experience because the screen is not refreshing itself nearly enough. Try to find a monitor that offers a fairly high refresh rate. This will depend on the video card itself and can help you to eliminate frequent headaches from spending too much time in front of the monitor. Ideally, a refresh rate of 70 Hz or higher is the most preferred scenario. Most of the monitors that you will find today offer refresh rates of over 75 Hz.

You will also want to check the contract ration of any 17 inch monitor that you purchase. You want to be certain that you get the best picture quality. The best images and text typically appear with at least a 400 to 1 ratio although a 300 to 1 ratio is considered to be the most popular. This ratio will measure the difference in the light intensity between the darkest blacks and the brightest whites on your screen. The higher the contrast ratio, the better color representation you receive. Check to ensure that the monitor you choose offers at least a 300 to 1 contrast ratio and ideally, has a 400 to 1 ratio.

Finally, just be certain that you take the time to research various models. You will find that a 17 in monitor gives you a much better experience with web browsing and picture viewing than a smaller 15 inch model. Be certain that you pay attention to the specifics of the model that you choose. You may also want to check out consumer reviews of various brand names to determine which one offers the best value for your money.

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