15 Cubic Foot Refrigerator

At the heart of every home’s kitchen isn’t the oven, nor the sink, or the counter top. It’s not the stove, or the extractor fan, or even the preparation area. At the heart of every kitchen is the refrigerator, the most valuable appliance for ensuring that food and ingredients remain fresh, usable, and suitable for almost any meal. From baking supplies to fresh fruits – the refrigerator is home to all types of food.

It’s alarming, then, that so many homeowners treat purchasing a refrigerator as an unimportant, even trivial job. It’s often the case that homeowners and apartment dwellers will walk into a superstore to pick the cheapest refrigerator for their kitchen, all the while ignoring other features. While most will ignore the value of a good refrigerator, it’s never an appliance that’s worth passive over too quickly.

This simple buyer’s guide will look at the 15 cubic foot refrigerator – the standard size refrigerator seen in most home or apartment kitchens. This refrigerator offers the best mix of storage and value, being priced below commercial refrigerators yet still offer a great deal of space. For your home, an apartment, or even a storage room, the 15 cubic foot refrigerator is always a worthwhile choice.

What do you need from your refrigerator?
Here’s a question that every homeowner should be asking themselves. The value of a refrigerator is only ever determined by how you plan to use it. Kitchen users that require a great deal of storage or temporary food space may prefer to look for a 15 cubic foot refrigerator that’s fitted with larger than normal draws, while standard users may opt for a refrigerator with the normal storage arrangement.

Whichever your case may be, it’s important that you purchase a refrigerator that’s able to serve your needs in the kitchen. Some 15 cupid foot refrigerators have ample storage space due to their slim or non-cumbersome draws and storage racks. Others may be slightly more ‘tight’ on the inside. Pick an equally simple and usable refrigerator, as it can often help you improve kitchen productivity.

It’s also worth thinking about the type of food storage that you need from your refrigerator. Are you storing ingredients that can sit in the fridge for a long time, or are you storing meat and other goods that are only able to last for a short period? Think about the type of food that’s going to be stored in your refrigerator, and pick a model that offers storage space suitable for your intended usage.

Which is best: a top, bottom, or side mount?
There’s more to a refrigerator than just its internal design and layout. Homeowners and apartment kitchen users alike understand that the standard 15 cubic foot refrigerator can be purchased as one of several different designs. The most common is the top-mounted refrigerator layout, in which the refrigerator is placed on top of a smaller freezer, with the two units divided in just one enclosure.

This type of design is perfect for saving space in a small kitchen, as it has only half the footprint of a larger side-mounted refrigerator and freezer unit. Due to its smaller footprint, however, these type of refrigerators are often capable of holding slightly less than their wide counterparts. Although the interior space is the same, its wide-yet-short layout makes it relatively poor for storing tall items.

On the other hand, a 15 cubic foot refrigerator that uses a sideways layout may be slightly thinner than a top-mounted model, offering less space for storing wide dishes such as cakes and large soft drink cases. Ultimately, the type of refrigerator that’s best for you depends on its purpose, with the type of food and ingredients stored inside dictating which type of space – width or height – is best.

Extra features, ice dispensers, and temperature controls
15 cubic foot refrigerators are available with a variety of extra features included. Some of the most common additional features include ice dispensers, which draw from a tray included in the freezer’s upper half, and water coolers, which draw from a reservoir within the fridge itself. While these tend to be excluded in lower-end models, they’re often standard features in high-end home refrigerators.

Before purchasing a refrigerator, it’s worth checking that it includes a variable temperature control, which can be used to switch its temperature and ‘type’ of coolness. These can help users extend the storage life of ingredients and other items placed within their refrigerator. It’s also worth noting the maximum and minimum temperatures of your freezer, to help when storing speciality products.

While many people pass over or dismiss the task of picking a good refrigerator, it’s essential that you find a model which suits your needs. A great refrigerator can last for decades, giving it value that’s often missed at first glance. Pick a 15 cubic foot refrigerator that suits your needs, is able to last for the long term, and fits seamlessly into your kitchen in its design, size, and finish materials.

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