12 Volt Refrigerator

For some people, they’re and eccentricity of sorts; for other people, and absolute need. It’s all a matter of perspective, but in any circumstance we believe the 12 volt refrigerator is one of the latest and most interesting inventions, as far as the outdoor lifestyles go. If you spend a lot of time out on the road, especially during summer time… you really do yourself a favor and get one of the refrigerators, since it will make your life much easier.

Also, in this day and age you can get a good 12 Volt refrigerator at amazing low costs; there are several models to choose from, and most of these refrigerators can even be plugged to low-voltage power sources, such as solar powers. There are many good reasons why these refrigerators are getting increasingly popular, nowadays! Make sure to read through this article, and you’ll be happy to realize there is indeed much coolness in and about a 12 volt refrigerator.

What is a 12 volt refrigerator, exactly?
In simple terms, a 12 volt refrigerator is a low power consumption device, which is commonly installed in motorized vehicles (cars, trucks, boats, airplanes… you name it). Additionally, these refrigerators can be plugged to 12-volt power sources, such as wind turbines and solar generators. If you’re the traveling or outdoors type and you don’t want to go by without cool beverages or fresh foods, a 12 volt refrigerator is just your kind of thing.

Do 12 volt refrigerators really work?
Don’t let yourself be deceived by the low power consumption afforded by these refrigerators… they really work, and probably much better than you imagine. In fact, most of these machines are good enough to make ice or even ice-cream – depending on the ambient temperature, of course: you may not be able to make ice in the desert, but you will be able to do if you keep your refrigerator in a shade.

Granted, being able to actually create ice isn’t absolutely vital (most people just want their drinks cold, not iced), and it will ultimately depend on the power setting you choose; sometimes you might want to keep it on a lower setting for the sake of increased autonomy. But still, it’s nice knowing you can go out camping in the middle of nowhere and still get access to life’s little pleasures, such as big glass of cool coke, complete with chunks of ice and a slice of lemon.

In more than a way, the 12 volt refrigerator is the modern successor to the common picnic ice chest. Unlike those old boxes though, you don’t have to put ice inside your low power refrigerator – you can actually do it the other way around, and use your 12 volt cooler to make ice! These modern units rely on the combination of a thermoelectric unit (which reduces the temperature inside the refrigerator) with an air intake port (that distributes the coolness), to keep the inside temperature much lower than the outside temperature. This isn’t the same process that’s used in a standard kitchen refrigerator, but you’ll find it works much better than any ice box you have ever come across.

12 volt refrigerator, the modern age ice box
Ah… I don’t know about you, but I really hated those old picnic ice boxes people used to carry around so often. I never had luck using those devices! I would either forget to put the ice packs in my kitchen cooler before I needed using it, or forget to take them out after the picnic. The drinks inside the box would either not be refreshed at all, or they would get quite smelly after a while. I don’t know who invented those picnic boxes, but I always thought they were a big rip-off!

Fortunately, technological development has come to the rescue, and there are much now better alternatives… such as the 12 volt refrigerator, of course. If you need something that won’t fail to keep your beverages cool while you’re out communing with nature, this is currently your best bet! You can plug one of these low-power consumption refrigerators in your car’s cigarette lighter socket while you’re driving around, and it will be enough to keep the contents really fresh for several hours afterwards.

Who will benefit from having a 12 volt refrigerator?
Anyone who travels around in summer time can benefit from one of these refrigerators. Usually, these devices are favored by truckers and RV owners, but lately their target market has been increasingly expanding as these refrigerators get more compact and efficient. It’s very common these days to see all kinds of people carrying around a 12 volt refrigerator in their excursions, and everyone who likes going on picnics is gradually throwing out their old ice boxes and getting one of these refrigerators.

In fact, anyone who just enjoys having a cool drink when the weather gets hot will quickly grow to love their 12 volt refrigerator. Have you thought about it? Since these devices are so compact and spend so little energy, you can even keep then in your car during your normal daily routine! You don’t have to be thirsty during a long car drive, ever again; just take your compact refrigerator along for the ride, and keep it packed with your favorite drinks. How cool (and refreshing) is that?

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